Enjoy pickleball at the LVR courts

Come and play pickleball, the fastest growing sport in North America, at the three dedicated courts above LVR School.

The season pass fees, collected by the Nelson Tennis Club, are used for resurfacing and maintaining the courts. The season pass does not purchase membership into either the tennis or pickleball clubs. Pickleball play is managed by a volunteer group of pickleball players.

Click here to buy your pickleball season’s pass now!


  • If you want to reserve a court please use the following system. https://holdmycourt.xyz/reserve2/npa
  • Note that a good part of each day is reserved for open play by level. Everyone is welcome to these if you are playing at the level of the session. BUT, there is NO DROP IN. These are reserved spots. You reserve them at this second reservation system. www.signup.com/go/qbrnvif


Pickleball Player List

To see the player list you have to login as paying player.

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