Enjoy pickleball at the LVR courts

Come and play pickleball, the fastest growing sport in North America, at the four dedicated courts above LVR School.

The season pass fees, collected by the Nelson Tennis Club, are used for resurfacing and maintaining the courts. The season pass does not purchase membership into either the tennis or pickleball clubs. Pickleball play is managed by a volunteer group of pickleball players.

**NEW for 2024** All pickleball players (excluding combo players) must first join Pickleball Canada/BC (cost, just over $16) BEFORE buying a season’s pass for the LVR courts. Get your membership here:  


Click here to buy your LVR courts pickleball season’s pass now!

A note from Nelson Pickleball Club, Summer Committee:

At LVR, you must pay a summer fee of $75, or you can pay $5 a day. Either way, to play on the courts you must be a member of Pickleball Canada. We will designate a time each day for group play by level, as we did last year. As well, you can book courts for play with other members. Please note that you will not be able to get into the reservation systems unless you have paid your summer fee. But the big change here this year is that all players MUST be a member of Pickleball Canada/Pickleball BC. We need to do that to purchase insurance. When you buy the Pickleball Canada/BC membership, please indicate Nelson Pickleball Club as your club, as that will be checked. If you do not have this membership, you will not be able to use the courts. You can join or renew your membership at https://pickleballcanada.org/membership/join-renew/.  Other advantages in having this membership is you can enter sanctioned tournaments anywhere in Canada. Also you will have some medical insurance if you injure yourself playing pickleball at these courts. See https://pickleballcanada.org/membership/membership-benefits/At LVR we share the courts with the School District – they get priority during class time and we get priority at all other times. Therefore on some days, regular scheduling may not be available. Please check the availability on the court booking system. See reservations below.We are looking forward to a summer of wonderful (injury free) Pickleball outdoors!

Nelson Pickleball ClubSummer Committee,
Doug Farquharson /Linda McKay /John Ferguson / Gloria Beacham


Note that a good part of each day is reserved for open play by level. Everyone is welcome to these if you are playing at the level of the session. BUT, there is NO DROP IN. These are reserved spots. You reserve them at this second reservation system.  https://signup.com/go/peArWdw


To receive the latest news about pickleball in Nelson, please join this list. You will then be able to send messages to all other pickleball players using the nelsonpicklebal@freelists.org email.

Pickleball Player List

To see the player list you have to login as paying player.

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